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Milestone Of The Year: Germany’s Cannabis Legalisation

Germany’s latest cannabis legalisation: A milestone in drug policy reform. Explore the impact and implications. Stay informed, click to learn more!



Germany's Latest Legalization

Germany’s Latest Legalization of Cannabis: A Milestone in Drug Policy Reform

Germany has made a big change in drug laws by legalizing cannabis for fun. This affects health, fairness, and money. Let’s look at the rules for this new law.

The New Legislation:

Germany’s federal parliament, the Bundestag, passed a law allowing adults over 18 to buy and use cannabis legally. Stores with licenses can sell cannabis products like dried flower, edibles, and extracts for fun. People can also grow up to four cannabis plants at home for themselves.

Key Features of the Cannabis Control Act:

Weed Bag

Weed Bag

1. Regulated Market: The Cannabis Control Act establishes a regulated market for cannabis:

  • strict quality control standards
  • regulations governing cultivation
  • production, distribution,
  • sales.

2. Age Restrictions: Cannabis products will only be available to adults aged 18 and above, similar to regulations for alcohol and tobacco.

3. Taxation: The sale of cannabis will be subject to taxation, with revenue earmarked for drug education, prevention programs, and public health initiatives.

4. Home Cultivation: Individuals will have the right to cultivate up to four cannabis plants for personal use, providing an alternative to purchasing cannabis from licensed retailers. Cultivation must take place indoors and out of public view.

5. Social Equity: The legislation includes measures to promote social equity and justice, including expungement of past cannabis-related convictions and opportunities for individuals from marginalized communities to participate in the legal cannabis industry.


Additional Rules and Regulations:

6. Advertising Restrictions: Advertising and marketing of cannabis products will be strictly regulated to prevent targeting minors and misleading claims about the effects of cannabis use.

7. Packaging and Labeling Requirements: Cannabis products must be sold in child-resistant packaging with clear labeling indicating potency, ingredients, and health warnings.

8. Driving Under the Influence: Strict penalties will be imposed for driving under the influence of cannabis, similar to regulations for alcohol impairment.

9. Public Consumption: Consumption of cannabis will be prohibited in public spaces, with designated areas established for cannabis consumption where permitted by local authorities.


Impact on Public Health:

Global Dope Now

Global Dope Now

Legalizing cannabis in Germany has the potential to improve public health outcomes by promoting harm reduction, reducing drug-related stigma, and providing access to safer cannabis products. Regulation ensures that cannabis products meet quality and safety standards, minimizing the risks associated with contaminated or adulterated products. Legalization also means we can teach people the facts about cannabis and how to use it responsibly to avoid any issues.


Social and Economic Implications:

Legalizing cannabis in Germany brings social and economic benefits. It can stop illegal drug sales, lower crime, and focus on more important safety issues. Also, it encourages new businesses and ideas, boosting the economy and making jobs in growing, selling, making, and tourism related to cannabis.


Challenges and Considerations:

Although legalizing cannabis in Germany has potential benefits, it also brings challenges for policymakers, healthcare workers, and the public. These could include:

– Regulations: To make a legal cannabis market work well, there needs to be good rules and enforcement. This includes stopping kids from getting it, making sure it doesn’t go to the illegal market, and watching how it’s advertised and sold.

– Educating the Public: We need to tell people all about cannabis – what’s good and bad about it, how to use it right, and clear up any wrong ideas.


– Working Together with Other Countries: When Germany makes cannabis legal, it might change things in other countries too. We need to talk with them to make sure rules and laws match up and solve any problems together.

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Cannabis Business

Josh Is Launching A Risky IPO Campaign And It’s RAWSOME!

Join Josh Kesselman of RAW Rolling Papers as he plans an IPO, allowing fans to invest using QR codes on products. Be part of RAW’s growth today!




RAW Is Going IPO

Josh Is Launching A Risky IPO Campaign And It’s RAWSOME!

In the world of cannabis culture, few brands are as iconic as RAW. Known for their high-quality rolling papers, RAW has become a household name among cannabis enthusiasts. At the helm of this brand is Josh Kesselman, a passionate entrepreneur with a vision to take his company public. Kesselman’s plan to achieve this goal is both innovative and inclusive, leveraging the loyalty of his fans and the ubiquity of technology.

The Journey of RAW and Josh Kesselman

Josh Kesselman founded RAW in 2005 to offer smokers a natural, unprocessed alternative to traditional rolling papers. Under his leadership, RAW has become a favorite in the cannabis community, known for its quality and sustainability. This commitment has earned a loyal following, making Kesselman a beloved figure among fans.

Kesselman’s entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to his craft are evident in every aspect of RAW. His journey from a small business owner to the leader of a global brand is a testament to his hard work and innovative thinking. Now, Kesselman is ready to take the next big step: taking RAW public through an initial public offering (IPO).

Scan the QR code to participate

Scan the QR code to participate

The Innovative QR Code Strategy

In a move that showcases his innovative mindset, Kesselman plans to involve RAW’s fans directly in the company’s journey to an IPO. His strategy revolves around the use of QR codes placed on RAW rolling papers. This approach is not only unique but also leverages the strong community that RAW has built over the years.

Here’s how it works: each pack of RAW rolling papers will feature a QR code. When scanned, this code will direct users to a platform where they can learn more about investing in RAW and potentially buy shares in the company. This strategy democratizes the investment process, allowing loyal fans to become stakeholders in the brand they love.

Engaging the RAW Community

Kesselman’s QR code strategy is a clever way to engage with the RAW community. By placing the QR codes on rolling papers, Kesselman ensures that the opportunity to invest is right at the fingertips of RAW’s most dedicated users. This approach not only raises awareness about the IPO but also encourages a sense of ownership and loyalty among fans.

Moreover, this strategy aligns perfectly with the modern trend of using technology to make investment opportunities more accessible. It reflects Kesselman’s understanding of his audience and his commitment to including them in RAW’s future growth.

The Path to IPO

Taking a company public is a complex process that involves careful planning and execution. For RAW, the journey to an IPO will likely involve several key steps, including financial audits, regulatory compliance, and strategic marketing. Kesselman’s innovative QR code strategy is just one part of a broader plan to ensure a successful IPO.

However, the potential benefits are significant. Going public can provide RAW with the capital needed to expand its product lines, invest in new technologies, and reach even more consumers. It also offers fans a chance to be part of the company’s growth story, aligning their interests with the success of RAW.

Using Fans, will it work?

Using Fans, will it work?

To Sun Up

Josh Kesselman’s vision for RAW’s future is both bold and inclusive. By taking the company public and involving fans through an innovative QR code strategy, he is not only securing RAW’s financial future but also strengthening the bond with its community. This approach highlights Kesselman’s entrepreneurial spirit and his commitment to the brand’s loyal supporters.

As RAW moves towards an IPO, it’s clear that Kesselman’s leadership and innovative thinking will continue to drive the company’s success. For fans of RAW, this is more than just an investment opportunity; it’s a chance to be part of a brand that they have helped build and support over the years. With Kesselman at the helm, the future of RAW looks incredibly bright.

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