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The Exciting World Of Cannabis Dips: A New Alternative

Discover the exciting world of cannabis dips! Learn about this innovative, smokeless alternative to tobacco chews! Read More!



Cannabis Dip

The Exciting World Of Cannabis Dips: A New Alternative

Dipping is a common way to enjoy tobacco. But can you dip weed instead? Surprisingly, you can! In recent years, the cannabis industry has started offering cannabis dips as an alternative to tobacco chews. These cannabis chews are made by mixing cannabis extracts with plant fibers like coco coir.

Many dips only have CBD, which doesn't get you high

Many dips only have CBD, which doesn’t get you high

Why You Shouldn’t Make Your Own Weed Dip

It’s tempting to make your own weed dip at home. However, it is not a good idea. First of all, chewing cannabis flower is often unpleasant. The flower must be decarbed to work. Also, chewing raw cannabis is reported to taste bad. Therefore, it’s best to buy professionally made cannabis dip products.

Why Professional Cannabis Dips Are Better

Commercial cannabis dips are not very common. They aren’t as popular as smoking, vaping, or eating cannabis. However, they can help reduce tobacco cravings. These dips sit between your gums and cheek. You can chew them or just hold them in your mouth.

Here’s why homemade dips don’t work well:

– Commercial dips use isolated cannabinoids like CBD or THC. They don’t use the actual cannabis flower.
– Cannabis flower has acidic cannabinoids like THCA and CBDA. These need heat to activate.
– The body doesn’t absorb much THC and CBD from dips. Thus, weed dips often have high levels of THC and CBD. They are more expensive than other products.

Besides being ineffective, raw cannabis can have harmful microbes like Aspergillus or E. coli. Heat usually kills these during smoking, but they may cause harm if ingested. Therefore, chewing raw cannabis is not safe.

Does It Get You High?

This depends on the type of cannabis dip. Many dips only have CBD, which doesn’t get you high. But dips with THC will get you high. The high from THC dips is similar to edibles. Most THC is absorbed when you swallow saliva. This is called first-pass metabolism. The effects take longer to start but last longer than smoking or vaping.

How to Use Cannabis Chew

Using cannabis chew depends on the product. Some come in pouches that you don’t chew. Instead, you hold them in your mouth for 20-60 minutes. They slowly release cannabinoids into your bloodstream. Other products have plant fibers meant to be chewed like tobacco.

For safety and effectiveness, don’t make your own cannabis dips. Buy products made for dipping and follow the instructions on the package.

Potential Benefits, Risks, and Side Effects

Cannabis dips from reputable suppliers may be safe. They offer several benefits:

– No harsh chemicals inhaled into the lungs
– A safer alternative to tobacco
– A slower, more mellow, and longer-lasting high compared to smoking

However, only use products meant for dipping. Making your own dips can lead to risks such as:

– Harmful microorganisms
– Damage to gums and mouth
– Ineffectiveness and wasted product
– Unknown risks from ingesting THCA/CBDA

The Bottom Line

Cannabis dip products are rare and often more expensive than other cannabis forms. Only use dips bought from reputable suppliers. If you want to replace chewing tobacco with something less addictive, CBD chews may help reduce nicotine cravings. Always choose safe, professionally made products for the best experience.

Cannabis DIY

Basic Ways To Smoke Hash: A Simple Quick Guide

Discover the easiest ways to smoke hash with our simple, quick guide. Learn basic methods and tips to enhance your experience. Perfect for beginners!




How To Smoke Hash?

Basic Ways To Smoke Hash: A Simple Quick Guide

Hash Cube

Hash Cube

Hash, also known as hashish, is a popular form of cannabis. It’s made from the resin of the cannabis plant. People smoke it for its potent effects. If you’re new to hash, you might wonder how to smoke it. This guide will walk you through the process step by step.

What You Need

Before you begin, gather the following items:
– Hash
Rolling papers or a pipe
– Lighter or matches
– Optional: Tobacco or herbal mixture

Preparing the Hash

First, you need to prepare the hash. Hash can be hard and compact. Break it into small pieces using your fingers. You can also use a knife or a grater. Make sure the pieces are small enough to burn easily.


Rolling a Joint with Hash

Rolled Hash Joint

Rolled Hash Joint

If you prefer smoking a joint, follow these steps:
1. Mix with Tobacco or Herbs: Hash actually burns better when mixed with something and not by it self, and majority use tobacco, but you can also use a herbal mixture f you prefer. Spread the mixture evenly on your rolling paper.
2. Add the Hash: Sprinkle the small pieces of hash on top of the mixture. Distribute it evenly for a smooth burn.
3. Roll the Joint: Carefully roll the paper into a joint. Lick the edge of the paper and seal it.
4. Light and Smoke: Light the joint and take slow, steady puffs. Inhale gently to enjoy the effects.

 Using a Pipe

Smoking hash with a pipe is another popular method, here’s how:
1. Fill the Bowl: Place a layer of tobacco or herbs in the bowl of the pipe. This helps the hash burn evenly.
2. Add the Hash: Place the small pieces of hash on top of the mixture in the bowl.
3. Light the Pipe: Use a lighter or match to light the hash. Inhale slowly through the mouthpiece. Take steady, smooth puffs for the best experience.

Hot Knives Method

The hot knives method is old but effective. Here’s how you do it:
1. Heat the Knives: Use a stove to heat two metal knives until they are red hot.
2. Press the Hash: Place a small piece of hash on one hot knife. Press the other hot knife on top of it. This will produce smoke.
3. Inhale the Smoke: Use a straw or a rolled-up piece of paper to inhale the smoke. Be careful not to burn yourself.


Smoking hash can be an enjoyable experience when done right. Whether you choose to roll a joint, use a pipe, or try the hot knives method, the key is to take your time. Enjoy the process and the effects. Always remember to smoke in a safe and comfortable environment. Start with small amounts to gauge your tolerance. Enjoy responsibly and savor the unique experience that hash provides.

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