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Your Dog Ate Weed? This Is What You Need Know

Learn expert tips on how to help your dog sober up after eating weed. Stay calm, follow our guide, and ensure your pet’s safety and recovery. Read now!



What to do when your pet eats weed

Your Dog Ate Weed? This Is What You Need Know

Dogs are naturally curious creatures. They love to explore and sniff out new things. Sometimes, this curiosity can lead them into trouble, especially when it involves substances like cannabis. If your dog has accidentally consumed weed, it can be a scary experience. But don’t panic. There are steps you can take to help your furry friend. This article will guide you on how to sober up your dog if he has ingested cannabis.

Your Dog Eat Your Weed?

Your Dog Eat Your Weed?

Recognizing the Symptoms

First, it’s important to recognize the symptoms of cannabis ingestion in dogs. Common signs include:
– Lethargy
– Lack of coordination
– Dilated pupils
– Drooling
– Vomiting
– Tremors

If you notice any of these signs, it’s crucial to act quickly. Time is of the essence.

Stay Calm and Assess the Situation

When you realize your dog has eaten weed, stay calm. Panicking will not help your pet. Assess the situation. How much cannabis did your dog consume? What type of product was it? Edibles, for example, can be more potent and dangerous. Knowing these details can help when you contact a vet.

Contact Your Veterinarian

Immediately call your veterinarian. Explain what happened. Give details about the type and amount of cannabis your dog ate. Your vet will provide instructions on what to do next. They may advise you to bring your dog in for an examination.

Do Not Induce Vomiting

It might seem like a good idea to make your dog vomit. However, inducing vomiting can be harmful. Some cannabis products contain oils and other ingredients that can cause more harm when vomited. Follow your vet’s advice on this matter.

Provide Comfort and Care

While you wait for veterinary help, keep your dog comfortable. Place him in a quiet, safe space. Ensure he is lying down on a soft surface. Keep the environment calm to prevent any additional stress.

Monitor Hydration

Hydration is crucial. Offer your dog small amounts of water. However, do not force him to drink. Some dogs may refuse water due to nausea. If this happens, wait for your vet’s instructions.

Avoid Home Remedies

You might find various home remedies on the internet. However, avoid these unless your vet specifically recommends them. Some home treatments can be harmful or ineffective. Always trust professional advice over unverified sources.

Veterinary Treatment

Once at the vet, your dog may receive activated charcoal. This helps absorb the toxins. In some cases, intravenous fluids might be administered to help flush out the cannabis from your dog’s system. Your vet will monitor your dog’s vital signs and provide supportive care as needed.

Recovery Time

Recovery time can vary. Some dogs may recover within a few hours. Others might take up to a day or two, depending on the amount consumed. Follow your vet’s instructions closely. Provide a quiet, comfortable space for your dog to rest during recovery.

Prevent Future Incidents

To prevent future incidents, keep all cannabis products out of reach. Store them in secure, dog-proof containers. Educate everyone in the household about the dangers of cannabis to pets. Make sure visitors are also aware and cautious.


Seeing your dog suffer from cannabis ingestion can be distressing. But with the right steps, you can help him recover. Stay calm, contact your vet, and follow professional advice. Prevention is key, so always keep harmful substances out of your dog’s reach. By taking these precautions, you can ensure your furry friend stays safe and healthy.

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Spotlight On Pusher Street: The Hope Of Cannabis Culture

Discover Pusher Street’s unique cannabis culture in Copenhagen. Explore its vibrant history, community, and ongoing legal battles. Learn more now!




Christiana - Copenhagen

Spotlight On Pusher Street: The Hope Of Cannabis Culture

Pusher Street is located in the heart of Copenhagen’s Christiania, is a vibrant place known for its cannabis culture and amazing life style. This street has a unique atmosphere and a rich history, attracting visitors from around the world.

Pusher Street

Pusher Street

A Brief History of Pusher Street

Christiania was founded in 1971 by a group of idealists who wanted to create a free town with a different life style. Over time, Pusher Street became central to this community. The street started as a small market where cannabis was openly sold. Despite ongoing legal issues, it remains a focal point for cannabis enthusiasts.

The Vibrant Atmosphere

Walking down Pusher Street is a sensory experience. The street is lined with colorful stalls and murals. Music often fills the air, creating a lively environment. The people are friendly, and the overall vibe is relaxed. Visitors can find various cannabis products, from edibles to different strains of marijuana.

Cannabis Culture and Community

Pusher Street is not just about buying cannabis. It is also about the culture surrounding it. The community here values freedom, creativity, and self-expression. The street hosts events and gatherings, fostering a sense of community. Art and music are integral parts of life here, with local artists frequently showcasing their work.

Legal Challenges

The legality of Pusher Street has always been contentious. Danish authorities have made several attempts to shut it down. However, due to the community’s strong and unwavering resistance, it has managed to keep it alive. The street operates in a gray area of the law. While cannabis is illegal in Denmark, Pusher Street continues to thrive, largely due to the support of Christiania’s residents.

The Influence of Cannabis Culture

Pusher Street has influenced cannabis culture worldwide. It is known for its open and accepting attitude towards cannabis use. This has inspired similar movements in other parts of the world. The street symbolizes the fight for cannabis legalization and the acceptance of alternative lifestyles.

Closed community in the middle of Copenhagen

Closed community in the middle of Copenhagen

The Future of Pusher Street

The future of Pusher Street remains uncertain. Legal pressures continue, but the community’s resilience is strong. Efforts are ongoing to find a compromise with authorities. The goal is to preserve the unique culture of Christiania while addressing legal concerns.


Pusher Street is more than just a place to buy cannabis. It is a symbol of freedom, creativity, and community. The street’s vibrant atmosphere and rich history make it a fascinating destination. Despite legal challenges, Pusher Street remains a significant part of cannabis culture. Its influence extends beyond Denmark, inspiring movements worldwide. The future may be uncertain, but the spirit of Pusher Street continues to thrive.

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